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vinyl corset help with wrinkling

I'm working on a corset for a Catwoman costume based off the one from Batman Returns. I've never worked with vinyl before so it was quite a challenge as I'm not very good at sewing. There was a lot of guesswork. There are a few versions of this piece but below is the one I'm working off of. I drew up a couple patterns and the other pic is of one of the mockups. When I inserted the boning, the vinyl wrinkled between the channels so it kinda looks like a spiderweb. Is there a good way to adhere the outer layer to the inner so it lays flat? I have double sided tape in some parts (left upper) but I can't tape the whole thing. I also considered sewing separate boning channels on top because in the pic some of the channels look like that rather than two layers topstitched together. I searched for other vinyl corsets and this seems to be a problem in those too, like the closer the channels get or the more curved they are increases wrinkling.  Should I use a different fabric? I used patent vinyl because I wanted it to be shiny. Any tips or advice would really help. Thanks!


Response by: Chloe, August 31st 2017 9:07:40 am

Patent vinyl is the ideal fabric to use for corsets.  It doesn't have much stretch, so you'll get the best result versus using a 2-way or 4-way stretch fabric.

There are a couple things you could do to minimize the wrinkling that you are experiencing around the boning.

1: Use a heavy duty interfacing on the backside of the material.  This will help to stabilize the patent vinyl and minimize wrinkling.

2. Create a channel for the boning to insert into, sewing slowly and ensuring that you are not warping / distorting the vinyl as you sew.  Use a lighter weight fabric to create the channel, as this will minimize the possibility of creating the wrinkles you have experienced.

Best of luck and please post anything you learn / your results!