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Latex bodysuit

hello , is someone out there that could craft a male bodysuit for me with this sheet color?: https://mjtrends.com/products.Sky,.20mm,Latex-Sheeting#.WdFJHluPIdU , i realy need this but its impossible for me coz the latex glue to craft this is prohibited to ship to my country , so i needed to buy one alreeady made! and im from brazil 07401090 the shipping trhough usps first class or priority wwould be just fine and i could make quick payment trhouh paypal!! caan someone help? contact wired2create@live.com


Response by: Chloe, October 2nd 2017 8:35:07 am

You can find plenty of professional latex artisans online who would be happy to make you a bodysuit:

I would recommend Vex:


As well as Baroness:


They can work with you to make a custom outfit per your specifications.  Also, the ammonia based glue is not hazardous - it will probably ship to your country.

Best of luck!

Response by: mariosilva94, October 2nd 2017 9:06:14 am

Thank you so much chloe! amonia glue? wow i never heard of this! can you believe that i tried to glue the látex with super glue? it was a total mess and lost two sheets doing it because the glue was very strong :( i gave up now and will look for these tailors! thanks again i will check both , and if possible would recomend any amnonia based glue brand?

Response by: Chloe, October 2nd 2017 11:41:05 am

The ammonia based latex adhesive can be found here:


I don't believe there are any restrictions on shipping it to various countries.  It is not flammable or toxic.

Response by: fjankovich, October 2nd 2017 9:20:11 pm

I have done several catsuits, different styles.

Response by: merri11, December 11th 2018 7:52:29 am

I pretty sure guys at https://www.rubberloft.com/ can help you out. As far as I know besides selling already made products, they also offer custom latex suits