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VacBed Construction


I'm going to be creating a latex vacbed shortly but I had a question that I can't seem to find the answer to on the web.

When building the PVC frame, how should I attach the latex sleeve to the PVC frame penetration(where the valve for the vacuum will penetrate).

Also, when thinking of the airhole, should I worry about gluing the snorkel piece I have for a breathing tube, or just create an extremely tiny slit and let that seal itself?



Response by: Chloe, January 24th 2018 9:59:52 am

I've seen several vacbeds that use a reinforced hole for the breathing hole. If you cut a slit, it is very likely to rip.  You're better off cutting a circle and reinforcing the hole with a circular strip of sheeting around the hole.

For attached the vacuum, I would suggest extending a piece of pvc pipe from the frame to a custom sized hookup that will work with your vacuum opening.

Response by: D3monic1, November 3rd 2018 1:23:15 pm

For breathing tubes I use a circular hole punch made for leatherworking.  Make a round patch slightly larger than the hole you're going to make, apply it to the bed, then punch through the latex with the round punch.  You may need to sharpen the punch to ensure it goes all the way through.  The punch must be slightly smaller than the breathing tube to ensure it has a good fit as well. 

You can also use this method to create a hole for a resuscitation mask that the person can use in the bed.  The mask will cover the mouth and nose for someone.  This will prevent air going out the nose when the bed is sucked down, thus releasing suction making you have to use the vacuum more.