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Latex vacuum bed

Well I built a vacuum bed week before last. Bed part worked great wife wanted me in it next day with my private parts out so I added a extra peice of latex where I was going to go though at and it busted wide open. :(. So I am working on another one now and was wondering what is the best and strongest way to reinforce such an opening. Oh and with the left over materiel from first bed I have already made a high wasted skit for her and going to make some more things also thanks for the help and pic coming of cloths as completed.  


Response by: Chloe, April 12th 2018 8:58:41 pm

I'd advise using an 18mm rotary cutter and being extremely careful when cutting out the holes for your vac bed's "access" holes.  Use one sweeping motion so as not to allow for any inconsistencies that could lead to rips or tears.

After you've made a hole, use the measurements of the hole to cut another strip of latex that will get glued around the hole.  Again - cut it in one careful sweeping motion - no moving backward, so as to ensure a perfect cut.  Glue that circular strip around the hole for reinforcement. 

Good luck!

Response by: Latex jmam , April 30th 2018 9:36:55 am

Thanks Chloe it worked great no problems this go around can can’t wait to enjoy it over and over

Response by: , September 1st 2018 9:22:22 am

Can I please ask how thick of a material you used for your vac bed? I want to make one but wondered what thickness to use. TIA

Response by: Chloe, September 4th 2018 12:58:31 pm

IMHO the most commonly used thickness for a vacuum bed is .50mm, and .35mm being a close second.

You can use any thickness that you choose.  The thicker gauge the latex, the better your vac bed will hold up (less likely to get tears or holes).  However, some people prefer the feeling of a thinner gauge.  Thinner gauges of latex sheeting will get closer to the skin when suction is applied and some people describe it as 'softer' feeling than the thicker gauges.  Other people prefer the the thickness and more of a 'restraint' feeling of thicker latex.  It's all about personal preference.

Response by: LatexMister, April 2nd 2022 2:30:06 pm

It is a bit strange to respond to a thread that is nearly four years old but...

I have a latex vacuum bed and would like to cut a hole in it for my and my partner's head (not at the same time, of course!).  We find that the pressure that the vacuum creates when inside it is painful to our ears.  We have tried using earplugs to remedy that. They work decently well but we really don't like using them.

My question is: is there a guideline or measurement for cutting a hole that one can fit their head through, understanding that a smooth, continuous cut will avoid splits in the material.  Should we measure neck circumference then add some slack in order to get the larger parts of our head through? 

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

-wm. (LatexMister)