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Basic latex set

Hi everyone ,

I'm new in this area. I love latex outfits, and i will try to do by myself some outfits. Can you please help with that? I need a basic products lists to start my experiences.

Thx and a happy New Year for all



Response by: keith, February 19th 2019 10:44:36 pm

most people go with a basic shirt and a pair of shorts or leggings before they dive full into a catsuit.  think of something that you could possibly wear under normal clothes for the day just to get the feeling for it, like a tank top.  

gloves, hoods, and socks never hurt to have as accessories that you can wear with any outfit.  give different colors and styles a try, see what you like.  

Response by: Chloe, February 20th 2019 9:41:31 am

Hi Ppereira,

Have you checked out the latex kits:




They have everything you need to get started except for the material and a pattern.  Glue, rotary cutter, cutting matte, latex, gloves, and a pattern are the basics that you need to get started.

You should also check out the tutorials to help you understand how to work with latex:


Best of luck!

Response by: Ppereira_2017, February 20th 2019 2:55:24 pm

Dear Keith and Chloe, thank you  very much for your help.  I've watch a lot of tutorials, and already know what materials i need. One thing that i cant get here in Portugal is cleaning product for latex. Because companies from UK dont ship to Portugal that kind of chemical products.



Response by: keith, February 20th 2019 6:29:16 pm

I use Dawn blue dishwashing soap to clean.

For thinner or adhesive remover I use heptane

Response by: Ppereira_2017, February 21st 2019 3:11:20 am

Dear Keith,

Thanks for your help. Meanwhile i will try to make some experiences then i will update.