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vinyl or pvc fabric

What is the difference between vinyl fabric and pvc fabric? It seems to me like they are the same, but I see people use them to mean different fabrics.


Response by: guest, May 12th 2004 1:00:00 pm

PVC fabric refers to poly vinyl chloride which is a plastic type material that is coated on top of a polyester backing. That\'s why they call it pvc fabric.

When people refer to vinyl fabric they could be talking about any number of fabrics including automobile naughahyde vinyl, pleather, or tableclothe vinyl covers. The term vinyl fabric encompasses a variety of different fabrics, pvc fabric is a specific type. PVC fabric is very high gloss and refers to the treatment I discussed above.

Response by: guest, May 12th 2004 1:25:09 pm

I thought that pvc fabric referred to the fabric used in apparel, while vinyl fabrics referred to those used in upholstery.

Response by: guest, May 12th 2004 1:00:00 pm

Yes, I've always seen the term PVC fabrics referred to when discussing the apparel fabrics. I guess you can have different kinds of pvc fabric, but I\'ve always seen it in regards to apparel type use.