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Attaching latex sheeting to foam board and polyurethane

Hi there! I'm new to the material and was hoping for some guidance for an art project. 

First, I need to bond latex sheeting to foam board. The latex sheeting would attach to a layer of paper that covers the half-inch thick foam. Would a water-based latex adhesive like Weldwood contact cement or Loctite PL 300 do the trick?

On another note, could I use the water-based latex adhesive to bond latex sheeting to polyurethane? I'm trying to attach 1" thick clear polyurethane straps.

Would really appreciate some advice!


Response by: Chloe, August 23rd 2019 9:09:14 am

Weldwood doesn't specifically mention rubber, however, it seems like it might work since it does mention bonding plastics to wood.  It's doubtful that Loctite PL 300 would work, since it does not mention bonding plastics or rubber.

MJTrends water based latex adhesive will not bond latex to polyurethane.  The surface of polyurethane is non-pourous and that makes bonding difficult.  You would need an epoxy based adhesive to bond these two materials.  The problem with epoxy based adhesives is that the bond is typically not flexible, but if flexibility doesn't matter it can be a good fit.