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Latex Adhesive


I have been using the latex adhesive from MJ Trends and simply cannot get it to stick they way it should. I have used alcohol to clean the surface prior to sticking. Have rolled it properly, allowed it to cure etc. I have even put seam guards on items. 

However I have had no less than 3 items split at the join. My understanding was that if glue properly the split would be just outside the join area as in theory that is the weaker point.

I have contacted some clothing companies and they recommended Bostik, but we cannot get it here in the US.

Any advice on either a better glue or what I am doing wrong. 

Cheers and happy crafting.



Response by: Chloe, November 9th 2020 12:07:50 pm

Hi Tim,

Can you share photos of your seams that came apart?  That might shed some light on what is happening.  I'm not sure if you should use alcohol to clean the seam prior to gluing - this might have a negative effect on the adhesive.  You could try Latexine to see if that resolves your issue:


Also, are you pealing the seam up and re-setting it when you are gluing the seam?  This could weaken the seam joint if you don't re-apply adhesive.

Lastly, are you using the ammonia based adhesive or the solvent based adhesive? 

Response by: pollysuperstar, July 20th 2021 4:39:30 pm

You don't use alcohol to clean it you need to use a heptane solvent, AKA rubber cement thinners.