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Latex and Eyelets help!


I've been adding eyelets to my pieces, but because they are made of brass they stain the latex. I can't find any stainless steal eyelets anywhere... wondering if there's another suggestion or a way round this problem??

I really want to use eyelets instead of zips as part of the design, but any other fastening suggestions are also welcome.

Thanks so much!!


Response by: pagetmillard, January 21st 2021 10:17:04 pm

Hi !

I'm having similar issues, been trying to find a sturdy stainless steel grommet / eyelets for a latex piece i'm making but haven't been able to find any good ones.  Have you heard of C.S. Osborne? I read on one thread their apparently good but a bit expensive. Also how are you adding your grommet / eyelets? Also been having some issues with that, every time at least one grommet rips and the piece is ruined

Response by: Chloe, January 22nd 2021 9:22:38 am

Not sure if you're aware, but MJTrends offers non-brass eyelets:


Regardless, another option is to use clear nail polish to coat any metal parts that might touch your latex.  You won't notice that it's there and it will prevent the metals from interacting with your latex.

Best of luck!

Response by: pagetmillard, January 22nd 2021 10:58:27 am


Thank you so much for both suggestions - 

Have you tried the eyelets from Mj? They look sturdy enough, but are they stainless? Also when using clear nail polish does that help the eyelet / grommet not move once in place? Very curious with this method as it seems like it would solve my problem! Thank you so much x