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I saw a few questions on here about using eyelets / grommets with latex, I have experimented a little bit with this, but every time I use a grommet with latex at least one hole rips a little bit and the whole piece is ruined. Is there a better way to secure the grommets so they are secure and don't rip? I saw someone was saying to use cotton tape on the inside of the piece to hold the fabric together, does that really work? If so, can anyone suggest the right cotton tape to use? And does anyone know of the best sturdy stainless steel grommets? Been having some trouble finding ones that don't seem cheap and break as easily, as I have ordered a bunch through amazon and have definitely been disappointed with the quality.

Thank you for any help!



Response by: Yevette, May 17th 2021 11:26:22 am

I have been making corsets for decades, however I am new to latex. I would suggest cotton twill tape, that has been rubberized with liquid latex. This will stabilize the grommet area, and keep it from stretching.

I also purchase quality grommets from corset suppliers, like Richard the Thread, and Corsetmakers Supply.

Response by: pollysuperstar, July 20th 2021 4:36:56 pm

Soak the cotton tape in rubber cement then hang the strip to dry completely. Then sandwich it between two layers of latex and roller it. That creates a stable base for eyelets or anything else you want to add (buckles, buttons, rivets etc)

Response by: JP, August 4th 2021 6:46:58 pm

For quality stainless grommets, I use C S Osborne, a high quality industrial grommet manufacturer.  They're available on Amazon or from marine upholstery suppliers.

When setting stainless, you can't trust inexpensive pliers-style setters. The stainless is much tougher than brass. Either use a quality hammer and anvil setter, or get a commercial quality setting press. The Hoover Pres-n-Snap is an excellent choice if you don't mind the price.