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Second project completed

My second time around!

Figured quite a few things out from this and my first time.

Will do some final tweaks to my patterns and the sewing process and that should do it for this size!

The next sizes will be from this design so most of the designing has been completed!

A lot of work and some frustrations, but it’s still fun!



Response by: Chloe, September 30th 2022 5:46:42 pm

Again - really good work!  The zippers at the ankles are not only a cool feature but very functional as that will help with getting in out of the catsuit. 

Response by: Fantastic Plastic, November 22nd 2022 2:53:31 pm

Thanks, I have a signature detail that I do at all leg and arm cuff zips and that is to put panels of contrasting colors attached with Velcro. It gives a neat place to place my logo or name.

Response by: Chloe, November 22nd 2022 3:38:03 pm

I really like the sleeves.  That's a nice touch and pop of red color.   What does the tag say at the wrist?  The double zipper down the center is a cool element as well.