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Get folds out of latex

I have some old latex sheeting that's been sitting folded up in an airtight box for many years. Is there a good way to get the fold "creases" out? (It's not creased like a sheet of paper, but the folds are obviously "burned in" at this point.)

Should I just roll it up and wait, or apply solvent thinner, or anything?



Response by: Chloe, July 20th 2023 3:10:36 am

If the "folds" are physical, then you could go one of two routes.  You could lay out the sheeting and apply physical pressure for several days.  Try to find something flat like a large book or a piece of plywood and then stack as much weight as you can find on it.  Another option is if the thing you are making has stretch applied to it, try stretching the material and seeing if the folds disappear once it is stretched.  If that is the case, then make you item and don't worry about it.

If the "folds" are more like discolorations then there is no reversing it.  I'd focus on either using the parts that aren't discolored or perhaps applying some Rit Dye to the sheeting to create kind of a latex tie-dye effect and adding more chaos to the design.

Best of luck and post back if you find a solution!