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Latex Bra patterns

Hello all, I've recently fell into the latex clothing making rabbit hole and MJTRENDS have been a tremendously educational resource! I love their zipper tutorial so much easier than some other ones online.

In my search for latex patterns though, their site is not updated and gives you missing page links. However, I've been able to use KatKow.net for patterns! This site designs for drag clothing size but all adjustable. The patterns are clear and easy to assemble, even for someone like me who have never used patterns before! I will share something I made as soon as I finish it.

Does anyone have another online resource for latex patterns for beginners? I would like to learn how to make a latex bra next - any help and pointers would be so appreciated! Thank you!


Response by: Chloe, January 24th 2024 5:13:48 pm

Hi Isabel!  Yes, the MJTrends patterns are not currently being offered.  Not sure when those might be coming back.  For a bra pattern, you can check out his Pinterest link:


I've also had success with taking existing bra's apart and then tracing them.  Especially if you have an old one you don't mind destroying ;)