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patent vinyl belt

Hi, I want to make a patent belt, what material shuld I use? Cheers Will


Response by: guest, May 22nd 2008 3:27:16 am

Hi Will. The thickest vinyl fabric that MJTrends has is the "patent vinyl" although it is definitely not as thick as say a mens leather belt. Doubling it up would certainly add to the thickness and stiffness. All depends on what you are going for. Swatches are available through the mjtrends website if you need a sample to test out. Best of luck!

Response by: CaperTown, January 4th 2013 2:07:40 pm

Hey, I know this is an old post, but I want it to touchpoint a similar question. I'm curious where the material Will is looking for would come from.  Here's a drum harness with the black, glossy PVC I think Will has in mind.  

I wish MJT had thicker PVC, but I understand why they don't. But if not on MJT, then where? Is it bought in belting strips or in sheets?  Just curious if anyone knows where thicker (but workable) clothing PVC comes from.