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Vac bed

for a latex vac bed what would the best thickness to use?


Response by: guest, May 22nd 2008 3:20:14 am

I would recommend that the best trade off between sensitivity and durability would be a .40mm or .50mm guage latex. The thicker it is the better the latex will hold up, but you lose the ability to "feel" through the latex if someone is touching or rubbing the person inside the vac bed.

Response by: Mouchroom, September 21st 2008 3:15:41 pm

Popular sites like vacbed.com use .35 mm.  I would imagine a thin .30 mm or even .20 mm thickness would work fine, and it\'s cheaper and more enjoyable.  The .20mm would probably tear with enough force, while the .30 mm would be almost inescapable.