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Im currently enrolled in fashion design school at FIT - so I am well versed in making my own patterns. Though Ive never worked with latex. Question - how would I do darts? add seam allowence and glue? Or should I only use patterns that I am able to transfer the darts out and the fullness into other areas?

help? Thanks so much!


Response by: Antony , March 2nd 2009 6:15:26 pm

Well to make darts on latex instead of sewing over and pressing down the excess material like you would with fabric. Cut the section that you would normally sew and then glue each part together and roll over it to make sure the section is together. This will create a dart and accomplishes the same thing as a dart but in a lot less time. Remember to practice on a smaller piece so you get it just right.  Hope that helps.

Response by: Kyle, July 22nd 2009 1:23:36 pm

Instead of cutting anything first, I would try pinching the fabric on the wrong side and marking the area around the pinch on the right side that is still exposed .  Mask that area using some kind of tape that is resistant to the latex glue.  Apply glue to the unmasked area, pinch again and hold until the glue is dry, then remove the masking.  I\'ve used this method on other fabrics, but not latex, so I might be missing an important detail or two.  Practice on scrap latex first.

Response by: Lynnsinger, June 22nd 2010 9:10:20 pm

I cut a pencil skirt out on my latex and just pinned the darts together on my pattern. We shall see how it comes out.