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baby powder stretchy mini skirt

What do you think the following garment was made of?

I purchased it in 1986 in Canada at a retail store. It was expensive for the time, I think $50 for a mid-thigh length very simply constructed tight mini skirt the only seam of which was melted together. One had to keep it in baby powder to not have it stick to itself. It felt wonderful to the skin adn was completely water proof it seemed. My girlfriend loved it as indeed I did too. It was not as stretchy as the 4-way PVC I have seen for sale at fabric stores last year. It was hot pink and had an aroma I liked.

Who sells these in various garment forms? The problem I am having is that my current partner is XXS (Javanese) and almost all fetish/erotic wear I see is built for  jumbo size (relative to South-East Asians)  Americans and Europeans.


Response by: hermes, December 22nd 2011 8:37:06 pm

I thought it must have been latex but the sales clerk assured me it was PVC. Yet it was not sewn, it was melted together. What I don't understand is how it could have been latex as it was a simple tube and had no darts or anything like that (it was an uneven tube suited for hips much wider than waist - in fact for my non-hourglasss figure girlfriend rather too much so). How could the manufacturere get such a shape out of latex? And if it was stretch PVC why were there no sewing of the garment but the one vertical seam melted as I recall. My memory could be defective. It might have had zero seams.

The thickness was rather light, a little bit thicker tahn an industrial plastic bag as I recall. It did not easily tear (in fact it never did). It was opaque. And it was a real pain to keep from adhering to itself.

Was the PVC technology inferior in the mid-80s? This was, BTW, before *everything* was made in China. Oddly, and totally illegally for the nation I lived in and its business laws, it had no label of fabric content or manufacturing origin

Response by: Michael, December 28th 2011 7:47:23 pm

I've never seen a vinyl garment with melted seams or baby powder used to keep it from sticking together.  Most likely it was a heavy gauge latex.  

If you're having trouble finding clothing that fits your petit GF you should checkout the .80mm gauge latex here and try your hand at making something, or you can contact any number of good quality manufacturers for custom work.

I would recommend Vex latex (US based) or Atsuko Kudo (UK based).  They both do custom work and are top notch.