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Seam ripped

I am making a pencil skirt. I glued the seams together with the solvent glue I bought. I let the skirt set for the 24 hours. I pull tested the seam and it ripped apart. It didn\'t pull apart on the seam but ripped apart beside the seam. Can anyone tell me why? I cleaned the latex edge with mineral spirits before I ended up washing the whole sheet. Could that be it? Did the mineral spirits weaken the latex or is the latex too thin. It is .30 mm.


Response by: Michael, August 22nd 2010 11:01:34 pm

The most frequent issue that causes a rip next to a seam is a nick that occurred when cutting.  Did you use scissors or a rotary cutter when you cut your seam?

It is imperative that you use a rotary cutter and check to ensure there are no rough areas, nicks, pin pricks etc.  Latex rips super easy, so you must use caution.

Secondly - how hard did you pull on the seam?  I would guess that .30mm will withstand pretty much anything you can give it, but a thicker guage will probably hold up better than thinner b/c it actually stretches less under the same amount of pressure.

Response by: Steve F., August 25th 2010 4:27:08 pm

Do not use any petrochemical based item with latex!  Cleaning for solvent gluing is best performed with Heptane.  (It is a solvent for latex rubber and is the  second ingredient in rubber cement: the first being white rubber.)  Dick Blick artists supply has two grades of Best-Test and I cannot tell any difference other than price.