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Writing on Latex

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had success writing (permanently) on latex with a pen/marker/etc.  It seems most of the markers I try (even permanent) begin to rub off or fade away.

Do you know of anything that is truly permanent?


Matthew R. van der Ploeg


Response by: Ry, October 26th 2010 6:27:17 am

I've used a Sharpie brand permanent marker to write on latex and it's been 3 years and my design hasn't faded.  Granted I don't scrub it, but I do rinse it in water after wearing and haven't had any trouble. 

Response by: Matthew Vander Ploeg, October 31st 2010 12:44:13 pm

Thanks for the reply Susan... when I try a sharpie marker on the latex I'm using (.50mm from MJTrends), it still can be rubbed away leaving a faded mark/image.  Any ideas why it might not be working as well?

I even tried a Sharpie "professional" marker which is supposed to be good on non-porous surfaces.  I've been letting it dry for +/- 12 hours before touching it... not sure if that affects the permanence of the mark.

Thanks for any additional help!

Response by: Michael, November 10th 2010 12:19:26 pm

Honestly I didn\'t test the area.  I just tried to be as gentle as possible.  It may take a couple days to fully cure - I would give it plenty of time and see what happens.

Response by: Babylatex, June 21st 2011 12:22:19 pm

I use STAEDTLER permanent lumocolor Art 318-3


Response by: Andre , November 2nd 2014 8:10:51 am

You must have seen pictures printed on latex balloons. They print on it with latex paint. I haven't tried it myself but you might want to try Liquid latex and see if it holds up. Have seen some internet shops sell liquid latex in many different colours.