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Glue won't hold

I purchased some of the .30 mm black latex, and have been experimenting with glueing.

Unfortunately, no matter what I try, the glue never seems to hold, even after 24 hours of drying.

I started by cutting out 2 small squares, sanded both sides that will be glued together, cleaned with alchohol, and then tried the Solvent Based Adhesive. The first time, I applied the glue, waited till it became tacky ( about 5 minutes ), and then layed and rolled the pieces together. After 24 hours it came apart.. The second time, I used soap and water instead of alchohol, and still the seam came apart. On the third try, I used "Master" Self-Vulcanizing rubber cement tire patch glue. I had used it before to glue a rubber drysuit together, and it worked perfectly, with minimal sanding and cleaning of the rubber. It also "vulcanized" or rather, welded the rubber together. On the .30 mm latex sheeting, it worked much better then the Solvent Adhesive sold here, but it still didnt hold all that well.


Am I doing something wrong? Nothing seems to work, and I have run out of ideas. Please help.




Response by: Ry, February 17th 2011 9:30:26 pm

Sounds like you're not using a flat fell seam.  If you try to bond latex using a traditional seam it will never stay together.  Assuming you're trying to create clothing, you need to use a flat fell seam.  Checkout the tutorials here on MJTrends for working with latex, or do a search for the term.  Also, don't pull vertically on the seam, as again, it will pull apart.

To truly adhere two pieces of latex so that they become one, you would need to hot melt the latex at the perfect temperature and then place the peices together so they when they cool the molecules of the latex form one bond.  Nex to impossible to do, and probably only practiced in the physics lab, not in the 'real' world.  That's why you see all latex clothing manufacturers use some sort of glue and a flat fell seam.

Response by: Sean, March 2nd 2011 11:56:13 pm

Thank you very much for your reply!

I will give the Flat Fell Seam a try, and hopefully it will work.

I did in fact try to Hot Weld latex with a digital heat gun, and got some interesting results. Some parts did somewhat weld together, however the heat perishes the latex a bit, and makes a heck of a stink when the latex begins to melt.


Once again, thank you very much!