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what mm to use on tank style form fitting summer dress

I am a beginner and would like to know what mm thickness of latex to use for tank style form fitting summer dresses such as Katy Perry's with the palm tree on it and a few others of hers.  Thanks for your input!


Response by: Michael, April 20th 2011 9:07:45 am

I'd recommend anything from .30mm to .50mm.  As a beginner you'll find the thicker gauge latex easier to work with.  However, the thicker you go the less stretch you will get out of the garment.

Anything above .50mm probably won\'t give you the stretch you want for a dress similar to the tight ones I\'ve seen on Katy Perry.  If you go to as thin as .20mm for your first garment you may get frustrated trying to work with the material.

Best of luck!

Response by: Chloe, October 4th 2013 10:37:09 pm

Metallic gold latex dress with polka dots.

Ditto on Mike's comment.  I started out with .20mm latex and got so frustrated with it that I didn't try working with latex sheeting again for several months.

For my next project I used .50mm and it was much easier going. 

FYI - if you do decide to use .20mm you MUST use the tape trick: use scotch tape (it's not too sticky so that won't pull off) and tape it to the back of each seam prior to gluing.  The tape will help prevent the latex from curling that bad and makes it MUCH MUCH easier to work with.

Once the seam is dried (24 hours), just peal the tape off.