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Zipper End Troubles

Has anyone had troubles gluing the bottom end of a separating zipper ?

Say you wanted to make a vest with a front zipper that fully opens the garment.

All the separating zippers I worked with had their bottom part of the fabric (where the zipper starts) covered with some sort of hard plastic. Note: all zippers were  #8 - #10 sizes.

This plastic is stiff and will not turn sufficiently rough through sanding. Scraping it off with a utility knife usually results in a cut-up zipper bottom.  Double-gluing with solvent-based adhesive somewhat works, but the bond isn\'t too strong and tends to open up after a while.

Does anyone know a supplier of separating zippers with an un-reinforced bottom, or can anyone suggest a suitable primer for the hardplastic part ? Maybe I need to sew on the plastic section, but I\'d rather avoid that. How do you all handle this one ?

Thanks for your suggestions and ideas!



Response by: Michael, April 20th 2011 9:03:22 am

I've had similar problems and the best way I've found to solve it is to use a tiny bit of either super glue or an epoxy glue directly on the zipper ends.

Since the zipper ends are hard plastic you don\'t need the flexibility of the glues MJTrends sells for working with latex.  Even through super glue or an epoxy dries to a hardened state, you don\'t notice because the zipper ends are hard plastic anyway.

Expoxy glue is indestructible but it\'s more of a pain to work with because you have to mix it, have stronger fumes, etc.  When I\'m in a hurry I just use super glue - make sure you use the least amount as possible so it doesn\'t feel \'crusty\' where the glue is.

Good luck!