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1-fitting, 2-curling

Hi ~ I have two beginner questions:


(1) How do you fit a piece before gluing it if you can’t (obviously) pin it together to try it on?

(2) Is the seam curling, caused by the solvent glue, permanent so it always looks a little warp’y (unless you’re wearing it)?


Thanks for the help!


Response by: David, April 20th 2011 12:48:35 am

Hey there, the curling is due to solvent glue. Ammonia based glue shouldnt cause curling but this glue doesnt last as long as solvent. Good luck!

Response by: Michael, April 20th 2011 8:48:41 am

You can\'t fit a latex garment using latex.  If you need to perform a fitting you would need to do it in a similar fabric, like a cheap 4-way stretch lycra. 

You can create a template, cut from that, and then make adjustments to the template prior to working in latex. 

As far as curling - no this does not affect the finished product in any way.  The edges of the seam may curl up initially when using the solvent based glue - this doesn\'t happen with the ammonia based glue.  You can wait for the solvent glue to tack up, the curling will ease, and then proceed.  Regardless, once the seam is glued, there is no difference.

Once you have mastered working with the solvent based glue you get used to it, but for beginners, the curling can make gluing substantially harder.

Both glues will last the same, however, if you are going to create something that is going to be submerged in water for long periods of time you should opt for the solvent based glue.

Response by: Ci, April 20th 2011 12:05:39 pm

Thank you for the help! The lycra is a *fantastic* idea for fitting and it\'s great to know about the curling not being permanent.