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White streaking on Sheet Latex

Howdy folks,

I recently purchased some .50mm sheet latex. Itcame with cloudy white streaks on it that would "smear" when rubbed. When I used Bestine solvent to clean my glue joints, even more streaks appeared. And when I tried to use alcohol to clean off the streaks, they got worse and even more of them appeared.

What\\\'s up with this and how can I get rid of these cloudy streaks? They totally ruin the look of the latex.

Note- I also ordered some .40mm, and it doesn\\\'t od this.


Response by: Michael, November 18th 2011 9:42:58 am

The white streaks are most likely talcum powder.  The powder is used to keep the sheeting from sticking to itself.  You can wipe it off using a mild soap and water combination. 

Further, if you apply shine to the latex you can apply it  top to bottom or left to right and remove the powder as you apply the shine.