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Adhereing latex to other fabric

Can I glue latex to PVC fabric and vise versa?


Response by: guest, February 6th 2005 2:41:47 pm

Vinyl fabric is sewn not glued. I have heard of auto manufacturer's using a vinyl glue on automotive vinyl, but this is not something you would want to use in constructing garmets. I recommend taking a look at either hot topic or lip-service to get an idea for how to construct vinyl clothing.

Vinyl fabric cannot be burned/melted together and neither can latex sheeting. Latex should be either glued or sewn. If sewing latex, you will need a specialized setup. Most likely a walking foot sewing machine with silicone treatment for the thread to prevent it from getting hot. It is also recommended that you glue strips of latex behind your seams to ensure that the holes created from the sewing machine needle do not become tears or rip.

Once again, I really recommend that you go out and purchase some latex garmets and take them apart to understand how they are constructed-- there is no better way to learn.

Response by: Michael, January 3rd 2012 10:24:30 pm

Technically you can glue any substrate to any other kind of substrate especially if you use an epoxy glue.  The problem will be that all epoxy\'s that I know of dry hard instead of flexible. 

The latex glue at MJTrends is for gluing latex to latex.  The vinyl glue is for gluing vinyl to vinyl.  There is no crossover.