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mixing fabrics

Hi All,

So I got my sweetheart a nice simple black latex skirt last year for V-day. She likes it...in theory. But she\'s not very bold in terms of fashion or open sexuality (at least in public). So, the likelyhood of her ever wearing this out-and-about is slim. That is, unless it can be paired with something else that tones down the ensemble, and makes the latex a subtle tease, or  "double-take," rather than an "OMG she\'s, like, totally wearing rubber." She\'d prefer, "you look great...hey, is that skirt...wait...latex?"

But everything on the web about latex is all "latex on latex on latex." If it\'s not full-on sexbomb porn, it\'s post-apocolyptic gas-mask fetish. Dont get me wrong, I apreciate the extremes of fashion. But I can\'t find anything about what other fabrics would go with latex for a saturday night on the town. People must do it...or is it all just bedrooms and photoshoots?

If I can be a positive support during dress-up time, then it\'s more likely that she will have the self-confidence to wear it out without feeling like a "total prostitute" or a halloween costume. Even if just once, at this year\'s V-day dance party thrown by friends of ours.

My thoughts are: contrasting textures and colors, Wool, or other soft fuzzyness, course knits, chenile, etc...but those aren\'t good for dancing...too hot. Loose or drapy will contrast latex\'s tightness, but the fabric shouldnt be too shiny or it won't contrast (like mixing leather and vinyl... uncool).

So, I'd love to hear what other people have done, or even imagined. I would totally love to see photos...off the fashion web, or of yourself.

Thanks. Your creativity is appreciated.



Response by: Michael, February 4th 2012 8:34:48 pm

I have convinced my partner to wear latex in public by going out wih a latex pencil skirt without shine and pairing it with a conservative top.  Most people will assume it is leather unless they get up close, and leather is a much more mainstream material than latex.

Conservative colors such as white, brown, or black are also less likely to grab attention.

Response by: Greg, May 7th 2012 9:42:36 am

Ben, are you offering to wear latex as well when you go out? I will wear it on occasion when going out to dinner. My boyfriend and I will both wear latex or in some cases just one of us will be wearing it. I have been the only person in my group wearing it at times.

The fun thing about wearing it like that is that you also know people will be looking and will be very curious. It can be hard getting over the self-consciousness of the situation.

Depending on the style of the shirt mix it with jeans. It will be simple and basic yet different and provocative. To make it more subtle the shirt can be worn under a cotton shirt of a contrasting color with a low neck line or short sleeves if the latex shirt has long sleeves. It will be noticeable enough, but not instantly or completely flashy.

Black latex is the easiest color to mix with other clothing. Polishing to a high shine or not is an option to make it look a bit more conservative. The point that people will think it is leather at first is very true. It also becomes a good conversation piece once people realize it is rubber. The only people that will really be willing to talk are the ones that want to compliment it. Rude people will at the most make a rude comment in passing and that is usually something fun to laugh at for the reaction.

It sounds like your girlfriend needs time to adjust to the material and wearing it publicly. That is always the way it goes with fetish wear like that. Give it time and she will become more comfortable to wear it out.

Response by: latexgood, October 17th 2014 2:35:22 pm

Very Good Points. Wear latex, Without Shine Ect.