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Using sewing patterns for latex

How do you use regular sewing patterns for making latex clothing? Can you just use them like you would with cloth or do you need to make any adjustments? Fitting? Do the seam allowences matter?


Response by: DCRubberGuy, March 16th 2012 10:16:40 am

Hi there,

You can use patterns for 'regular' clothes, but if you want them to be tight fitting - like for a catsuit - then you will have to modify the pattern using your own body measurements. It\\\'s pretty detailed, but there is info on it here www.stretchy.org

I hope this information can help you. I just finished my measurements - and the great thing about it is once you've taken them, you don't have to do it again unless you loose/gain a significant amount of weight.

DCRubberGuy :)

Response by: Richard, January 28th 2014 6:27:42 am

the pattern shool site is down....But it can still be accessed here