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Metal Snaps for Latex

Hi everyone,

Can someone recommend a company that sells good quality metal snaps and snap fasteners. I want to apply snaps to a latex rubber jacket that I'm creating.

Thanks for any help.



Response by: Antony , March 29th 2012 6:07:01 am

I always go on Ebay for metal snaps. Make sure to buy ones that don't have any brass in them,you can only get the nickel versions. If you get the brass they will react to the latex and stain it. That is your best option to choose from and with some you can get free shipping. 

Response by: Steve F, March 11th 2013 9:30:18 am

Stainless steel snaps are available from Mcmaster Carr, they will not bother your latex and there is no nickle plating to wear off with time.  (I've lost a few good things to zippers which shed their plating.)  Of course you need to reenforce the latex with fabric or the snap will just pull out: Ihave found that bias tape works well.