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Latex Wieghts

Hi, I am new at making latex and was wondering about thickness/wieght?  What wieght is good for stockings and what wieght would be good for a dress or catsuit?

Thanks in advance!


Response by: DCRubberGuy, April 24th 2012 3:39:25 pm

Hi - on the site here there is information along with a video tutorial about the different thicknesses/weights of latex and what best their uses are.

See it here: https://mjtrends.com/tutorial,Latex-Sheeting-Thickness-and-Drape

Good luck to you,

Response by: Chloe, October 4th 2013 10:14:37 pm

I would recommend .20mm or .35mm for stockings.  Anything thicker and the stockings will be more like leggings instead of lingerie or an under garment.

For a dress or a catsuit, part of the decision comes down to personal preference.  Some people prefer the 'lightness' of .20mm - it's kind of like silk in a way.  Other people like the restrictiveness of a thicker gauge. 

A thicker gauge of latex sheeting will also drape differently.  It's thicker and stiffer, so you have to take that into consideration based on the type of drape you want your outfit to have.

Thicker latex for corsets or stiff skirts (.50mm or thicker):

Thinner latex for lingerie: