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Adhering other elements to latex sheeting

Basically what I want to do with my project is use .20 mm transparent latex sheeting, and glue glitter onto it.  Originally, I was thinking that I would cover 2 large pieces of latex sheeting in glue, lay down my glitter and then lay the 2 pieces together.  Basically sandwiching my glitter between the 2 pieces, because I want it to be a gradient and not all over.  This presented an unbelievable challenge in that the 2 pieces were very difficult to lay flat together without any bumps or ripples.  In addition, I used the ammonia based latex adhesive, which turned a brown color after a few days.  I was told by MJ that the solvent based will dry clear, which I am hoping is true.

However, I am kind of wondering if I am going about all of this the wrong way.  Is there any other adhesive that will just stick the the latex sheeting itself, so I could just use one layer of the latex sheeting, apply the glue, and the apply my glitter.  Or better yet, is there any way to use some sort of sheet of adhesive or use a heat press to apply a layer of adhesive with the glitter onto the latex?  I have read in general that heat and latex don\'t really go together, but could it be possible to use it on a low setting in a heat press?

Any ideas, advice, what not to do that anyone has would be awesome!  


Response by: Michael, June 22nd 2012 8:19:16 pm

You can buy glitter that comes in a spray can.  You spray it and it comes out with adhesive on it.  There is a great article here that descripes how to apply glitter to body stockings using the spray glitter:


I imagine you can use the same process with latex sheeting.