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powder for latex sheeting

I noticed that after getting latex wet (usually when I'm cleaning it), that after it dries out it wants to stick together.

I have seen it recommended that you can use baby powder or talcum powder to keep the latex from doing this, and also to make it easier to put on the next time you wear your latex.

What do people recommend as a brand/type of powder to use on my latex?


Response by: guest, August 11th 2004 2:40:23 pm

I think that you can use either talcum powder or cornstarch on latex. That is what I have heard.

Response by: guest, August 11th 2004 2:42:36 pm

I have been using an after-shower body powder that you can buy at CVS drugstores for my latex for a few years now and I haven't had any problems. I always try to get something that is unscented, so as to minimize any chances of a bad chemical reaction with the latex.

I know some people use cornstarch, but what you would rather have on your skin cornstarch or babypowder?

Response by: guest, November 14th 2004 2:28:09 pm

I have found the best thing to use is corn starch based baby powder. The container will tell if it is made from corn starch.

Response by: guest, February 21st 2005 2:00:04 pm

I've heard people say that the residual oil in cornstarch (i.e. corn oil) will damage latex over the long term. These same sources say that there are oily moisturizers and perfumes in your drugstore-variety talc powders and that scent-free talc powder from bath specialty stores is the ultimate in latex preservation.

Response by: guest, September 8th 2005 4:17:45 pm

i have been using a silicone based lubricant made especially for latex underneath and atop the garment...makes it easy to put on the garment..and aside from the powders it keeps it moisturized and in better condition...