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Latex Glue Removal/Cleanup Question

I am currently working with MJ Trends' Solvent-based latex glue and would like to know if there are any products that can be used to remove any excess glue from the latex surface that is not part of the seam.  I tend to be very messy when it comes to EVERY type of glue (goes back to elementary....was never good with the Elmer's) so many of my seams have glue sticking out.  What chemicals are safe (and not petroleum-based) to remove extra exposed glue?  Thanks!



Response by: Kim, July 21st 2012 4:11:13 pm

You can use acetone (hardware store or Blick) to remove excess adhesive  You can put the acetone in a hair dye kind of bottle and pour a little on your fingertip (so you don't scratch the latex)...gently rub your finger along seam on the right sided of the latex.  You can also put the acetone on a scrap piece of white t-shirt material and gently rub on the right side of the latex, and use some pressure to rub the adhesive off the wrong side of the fabric. 

*Use in well ventilated room

*Be careful to not pull up seams at corners or on applique areas while rubbing the adhesive off

Response by: Forrest, January 15th 2014 1:34:03 pm

I have a black latex dress that had red straps on it, I took them off ( they pulled off real easy) now I want to clean the glue off that remains where the straps were, what can I use safely?

Response by: Forrest, March 17th 2014 4:23:34 pm

Someone gave me a well worn latex catsuit, can I chloronate this and bring it back, so it's like new again?

Response by: latexgood, October 17th 2014 2:23:50 pm

Mjtrends Sells Adhesive Thinner/Remover That Works Very Well!

Response by: JP, December 16th 2014 1:07:42 am

Responding to Forrest, on chlorination -- chlorination will not make worn latex like new.  It gives it a very slick, non-grippy surface, but doesn't re-polish the surface to a high shine like the factory finish.  So it will still look worn unless you use some sort of polish after chlorination.