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Boning / shaping cleavage


I'm trying to make a dress with this cut:

I thought it would be possible for the cleavage to work without what seems to be some kind of embedded corset on that picture, but so far I can\'t seem to make it hold right. No matter how tight I make the top, pulling this way or that way, the fact that the straps pull inwards to meet at the front results in the cleavage area to fall and not stay on the breasts. I don\'t know if what I want is possible at all without molding or boning or what. I have no experience in corsets help help help!


Response by: Michael, November 9th 2012 7:49:12 pm

From the picture you included it looks like there is some serious boning and support in that dress.  Not sure where those straps attach, but the best way to solve your problem is to add structure to your garment.

Response by: Monica, February 5th 2013 10:07:49 pm

This dress is obviously made of a sicker gauge of latex ( like .50mm or even .60mm) which   I would also recommend for the straps in order for them to stay in place. You can try to make each strap out of two pieces of latex and glue in a muslin ribbon between them. It will give the straps more strength and they will have a more finished look.

Also, the only way to make the dress stay up like the one in the picture is to put a lot of boning just like you do while making a corset. The decoltage line has boning as well. Good pattern is always the key.