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trim problems please help


I just started making my own latex clothes. I have watched many videos and read many forums. So far, i have made a simple skirt and panties. My problems is the latex trim! I am using mjtrends solvent based glue, my seams hold perfect, but the trim does not.When I say trim, im talking about the 1/4 inch strips to add to edges of latex. no matter how hard I roll the trim does not hold, especially where the trim overlaps to finish.

Please help its driving me crazy. Thank you kindly



Response by: Michael, November 9th 2012 7:41:53 pm

Are you using adhesive on both the trim and the target garment?  I have sometime only put glue on the trim when I\'m in a rush and it definitely doesn't have the staying power that using glue on both adhered pieces has.

Response by: Steve F, March 11th 2013 9:16:10 am

Another possibility is that you are not preparing the trim application area properly.  it must be thoroughly cleaned to allow a good solvent bond.  This is particularly true with significant stretching and differing latex thicknesses.  I have good success cleaning with heptane (a latex solvent) and a Cosmetic Puff (like a cotton ball, but not made from cotton).  Heptane is the ingredient in BestTest rubber cement thinner, and available from Dick Blick Artist\\\'s Supply (and other places, but beware of "hazardous material shipping sur-charges).  And stay away from silicone lubes until you are completely finished with a project.  Silicone is all but impossible to completely remove from latex and its presence will ruin the bond.  I also don't like to use silicone based lubes and polishes as I believe they leach into seams and ruin them.  (Your mileage may vary!)