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Adhesive and seams with transparent latex

Hello. I was wondering a) if the adhesives offered here dry clear, and b) how seams look with transparent latex. Will they look fairly neat and tidy or will the adhesive show through very noticeably?


Response by: DeeKay, August 27th 2013 3:40:32 pm

I am new to latexware making, but I am quickly learning a lot through trial and error. So far, as far as adhesion, I have found that using solvent based adhesive (Rubber Cement) is MUCH better than trying to use latex milk (liquid latex). Both types of adhesive have their pro's and con's...

While the latex milk does not curl up nearly as bad, and it does dry mostly clear, I find it  still has a slight tint of white at times where you apply too generously and it does not hold on as tight...also I find I get a lot more air bubbles and an uneven texture from it being so liquidy.

The Rubber cement will drastically curl your rubber, BUT if you are patient and wait about 20 mins, you can very easily uncurl the material without too much stress.

I would recommend the rubber cement over liquid latex for adhesion. To me, dealing with a little curling during the drying process is worth a more clear and stable seam finish.

Response by: Monica, September 8th 2013 5:00:19 pm

Rubber Cement is excellent for gluing latex. It dries very fast and clear. It does make latex curl up, but it is a natural property of latex to curl up while being cleaned with bestine or when rubber cement is applied. I don't see why curling is viewed as a problem at all. When the cement dries completely, latex uncurls on its own. As for transparent latex, seams do look very nice and neat with no traces of glue, as long as latex has been cleaned properly before gluing.

Response by: kelsey, May 21st 2012 10:09:25 pm

I am currently using .20 mm transparent latex.  I am wondering if the Best Test rubber cement and solvent will dry clear or yellow over time?  Also, maybe I am missing the point here, but are you using the solvent to clean the surface before appling the glue, or using it to dilute the glue?  

Also on the topic of adhesives, does anyone have any ideas about using adhesives to glue confetti onto the transparent latex?  Originally I was thinking of sandwiching the confetti between 2 layers of glue coated transparent latex. Obviously I am running into problems with curling, and ripples in the latex.  Also, I was using ammonia based glue sold at MJ which turned brown :( 

Response by: juju993, October 8th 2013 10:05:15 am

I agree with the other posters wrt the use of rubber cement. I use only solvent based adhesive when gluing latex seams. However, I do use latex milk for coating the fabric sides of zippers before using rubber cement to glue them to latex. I find this gives a strong bond then using rubber cement alone.

Response by: Andre , October 20th 2013 11:28:09 am

This T shirt I glued with solvent based glue. It is 0.2mm thick and the glue dries clear. I made another shirt and used latex milk also 0.2mm thick. The latex milk glue is starting to come undone under the arms as I sleep in these shirts. The moister from your body and the washing disolves the milk glue.