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Adhering latex to matte vinyl

I want to create a top that has an open back.  The front will be made from the matte black faux leather, and where the open back would be I want to use transparent latex.

What is the best way to adhere latex to other fabrics?  Should I sew it, can I glue it?

Below is an image similar to what I will be making:



Response by: Ry, February 17th 2011 9:38:33 pm

You're not going to have much luck gluing latex to matte vinyl.  The latex adhesive is made to glue latex rubber and that's it.  It's not going to have very good sticking power with vinyl.

As long as the area where the latex attaches to the vinyl isn't under much stress you can probably be safe sewing it.  You will to go with a thicker guage latex to protect yourself against ripping.

You can also enforce the seam by gluing a strip of latex on the back of the latex that has been sewn (so you'll want to make sure that the vinyl fabric is on top).