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Care Guide for Latex Sheeting

Latex is a natural based product and should be treated with care.

The following items will damage, stain and prematurely age latex sheeting, avoid allowing them to come into contact with your latex sheeting:


Never machine wash, tumble dry or iron latex!

Wherever possible wash latex sheeting by hand in clean warm water only. Massage the surface of the latex very gently with your finger tips to remove any marks. Ensure you wash inside and outside and rinse in clean water.

Shake off excess water and hang to drip dry, once dry turn inside out to ensure both side are dry.

Stubborn marks may be removed with a little mild soap, but be careful to avoid any products containing oils. Always rinse several times in clean water.

Some colors of latex sheeting may take on a noticeable milky or cloudy appearance when washed. This will disappear as the rubber dries.


Store in a dark, dry place away from strong heat. Ensure that the latex sheeting is totally dry before storage and preferably lightly powder the insides to prevent the latex from sticking to itself.