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Curved high-waisted leather skirt


Check out the curvature of the top front of this leather pencil skirt! Love the design - really unique way to show off your curves and draw attention to the waist line. Would need some interfacing to get the stiffness needed for this effect.

Make it yourself with the following items:

Product Quant Price Total
Black faux leather 8.99 / yard $17.98
Firm-Up Woven Sew-In Interfacing 4.29 / yard $0.00
Black thread: super strong 1.59 $1.59
Sewing needles: leather 90/14 5.99 4.99 $4.99
16 inch black invisible zipper 1.15 $1.15
Presser Foot: Invisible Zipper 2.49 $0.00
GrandTotal: $