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Latex pieces with high necklines


Take your pick of these hot high-neckline latex numbers. Choose a black latex sleeveless bodysuit, pink latex mini dress with garter clasps or black latex sleeveless dress.

Make it yourself with the following items:

Product Quant Price Total
Latex sheeting: Black 13.99 / yard $0.00
Latex sheeting: Baby Pink 12.99 / yard $25.98
Solvent Based Latex Sheeting Adhesive 16.99 $16.99
Latex Sheeting: Hand Roller 5.99 $5.99
Rotary Cutter: 45mm Contour Grip 8.99 $0.00
Cutting Mat: 24x36 Premium Mat 34.99 26.99 $26.99
GrandTotal: $