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A liquid compound used to bond substances together.  MJTrends sells two kinds of adhesives for bonding latex rubber sheeting: solvent based adhesive and ammonia based adhesive.

The solvent based adhesive is water submersible. While the ammonia based will withstand water - it is not recommended for long term submersion.

The ammonia based adhesive will not cause the latex sheeting to curl (a larger problem for the thinner guage sheeting), but the solvent based will.

Apple green

A middle of the road shade of green that is less bright than lime, but not as dark as forest or olive. 

From a psychological perspective green says 'nature' as well as 'wealth'.  Due to it's association with nature, green has calming effect on human beings.  It is also a color representing spring and rebirth.

We offer PVC (a 2-way stretch Vinyl fabric with polyester backing) in apple green: