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A reddish brown color with a metallic tint similar to the man-made alloy of copper, tin, and sometimes other metals that is referred to as bronze.

MJTrends sells several metallic colored fabrics including 2-way stretch vinyl (commonly referred to as PVC on the site) and similarly colored latex sheeting.  These fabrics are excellent for use in fashion, cosplay, fetish, dog beds, and contemporary light upholstery such as pillow covers or drapes.

Some of our metallic colored fabrics are listed below:


A color denoting a large range of composite colors created by mixing orange, yellow, or red with black.

The term originated from Old English 'brun' meaning any dark shade of color.  Brown is the color of dirt and is often paired with green to convey feelings of nature, environment, and comfort.

MJTrends offers several fabrics in different shades of brown including the following: