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A delicate fabric with an ornate design made from yarn or thread.  Lace is most often used to add a touch of femininity and elegance to fashion.  In the 16th century lace was worn by both sexes. 

Lace is commonly applied to bridal wear, lingerie, and evening gowns.  MJTrends is working to expand our selection of lace and stretch lace which can be found here:

Lace: http://www.mjtrends.com/categories-Stretch-Lace,Notions

Latex Shine

A spray or liquid application for latex rubber sheeting.  The shine is applied to the latex sheeting for the purpose of giving it a high gloss reflective appearance.  It can also be applied to the inside of garments or on the skin to ease with putting on tight fitting latex clothing.  Lastly, a benenfit of applying latex shine to the sheeting is it helps extend the life of the rubber.

MJTrends offers several different types of shine for latex sheeting which may be found here:


Lime Green

A color named for the citrus fruit, Lime, falling between yellow and green on the color scale.  Bright and vibrant, lime green is easily caught by the eye even when surrounded by other colors.

The Canberra Raiders', a  National Rugby League team, main color is lime green.  Lime flavored and colored jello is also the official state food of the U.S. state of Utah.

MJTrends offers lime green vinyl fabric: