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Matte vinyl

A fabric intended as a substitute for leather; a vinyl fabric with dull finish.  Also known as pleather, faux leather, artificial leather, or imitation leather this material is man made and does not consist of animal hides.

It is cheaper to produce than leather, and it avoids the ethical issues invovled in using animals for their skin.  Matte vinyl fabric can be used for upholstery or clothing or even used to make shoes. It is also common to find this leather-like material in suitcases or laptop cases. Lots of handbags, purses and briefcases are made with faux leather.

You can peruse MJTrends faux leathers in our matte vinyl section:


Mesh Fabric

A woven or knotted material with everly spaced open spaces inbetween.  Mesh fabric may or may not have a degree of stretch to it.  MJTrends offers both a black and white mesh fabric for use in bridal, lingerie, and DIY fashion. 


Metallic Blue

Resembling metal; having iridescent and reflective properties with a blue tone; fabric with metal flake.  Metallic blue is a color often incorporated in cyber or industrial clothing and fashions.  MJTrends offers the metallic blue color in both latex sheeting, typically used in fetish clothing, and pvc or PU vinyl fabric:

Metallic Green

Like, characteristic, or suggestive of metal with green tones.  Having an iridescent finish.  Green is not a primary color, but a mixture of yellow and blue.  In relation to culture, green can symbolize naivety, love, and prosperity.

Our metallic green pvc vinyl fabric has a two-way stretch, it stretches horizontally but not vertically, and is commonly used in cyber fashions, for fetish fabric, cosplay, costumes, and more.


Metallic Red

Red color with metallic flake or metal glint, giving the appearance similar to that of metal.  MJTrends is perhaps the only company to carry a metallic red vinyl fabric, which we call 'wine'.  We also sell latex sheeting in metallic red.