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Patent Vinyl

Also known as vinyl, pvc (polyvinylchloride), pu (poyurethane), and plastic leather, it is a high gloss polyester backed fabric with shiny vinyl coating.  Often used in purses, bags, clothing, upholstery, corsetry and shoes.  Patent vinyl is an attractive option to leather because of its lower cost and ethical value of not coming from an animal hide.

MJTrends offers patent vinyl in several colors.  The difference between our patent vinyl fabric and PVC is the degree of thickness and stretch.  PVC fabric is thinner and offers a 2-way stretch, whereas our patent vinyl is thicker and has very little stretch.

Pin stripes

A pattern of thin stripes running in parallel on a textile or fabric.  Most often used in mens formal attire, the pinstripe has found it's way into other areas of fashion including baseball uniforms, womens fashion, and the alternative and alt fashion genre.

MJTrends offers traditions pin stripe fabrics for suits, as well as vinyl pinstripe fabric:

Plastic zippers

A device constructed from plastic designed to temporarily join two pieces of fabric in items such as pants, dressses, skirts, bags, purses, luggage, and sporting goods.

Japan makes 90% of the worlds zippers, home to the well known brand YKK.  The original zipper developed over the course of 20 years, with improvements coming largely from the American based company which would to be known as Talon.  MJTrends offers plastic zippers at the following link:


A combination of equal parts blue and red.  Named for resemblance to the fruit.  The color may also be described as medium lavendar magenta.

Plum symbolizes decadence such as lifestyle, sumptuous art with rich colors, rich gourmet food, and fine wine.  

PVC Fabric

Also referred to as vinyl, pu fabric, patent vinyl, and plastic fabric.  PVC is a polyester backed fabric with a coating of polyeurethane to create a high gloss plastic like finish.

MJTrends offers three types of vinyl fabric: patent vinyl, PVC, and stretch pvc.  The patent vinyl is the thickest and has the least amount of stretch.  The PVC is a 2-way stretch vinyl fabric that is thinner than the patent vinyl.  Our stretch pvc is a 4-way stretch vinyl with the least amount of thickness and the greatest amount of stretch.  Our stretch vinyl in has also been referred to as  'liquid oil' fabric.