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Any number of colors consisted of the longest wavelengths of light viewable by the human eye.  Red is a primary color.  It symbolizes emotions that stir the soul: anger, passion, love, and pain. 

Fire and blood are also closely associated with red.  After the 1900's red became known as a color symbolizing revolutionary movements.  It can also represent sinfulness (Amsterdam's red light district or Nathaniel Hawthorne's book 'The Scarlet Letter').

Scientists have found that red catches people's attention more than any other color.  Therefore, red is oftenly used in warning signs, stop signs, and to signal danger.

MJTrends offers a wide variety of fabrics in red:


Royal blue

Describes both a bright and dark shade of blue.  By the mid-20th century, with the availability of brighter dyes, most began to think of royal blue as a brighter tone of blue rather than the traditional darker style.

Royal blue is often associated with royalty, hence the name.  MJTrends offers pu vinyl fabric in royal blue (dixie cup blue as we refer to it) as well as latex sheeting: