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Seam (sewing)

The overlap where two pieces of fabric are held together by stitching. 

MJTrends offers several tutorials on how to work with vinyl fabrics and latex sheeting.  These cover seam creation, gluing, and creative tips and tricks for working with these uncommon fabrics.

Shipping Costs

MJTrends ships worldwide.  To find the cost to ship to your location simply add the products you wish to purchase into your "cart" and then click on the link labeled "Modify Shipping".

Clicking on the "Modify Shipping" link will cause a popup to come on to your screen where you must enter your country and zip code (if applicable) and then a list of shipping costs and options will be displayed.


A metallic shade of grey, most resembling the metal known as silver.  Light grey with a metallic shine. 

Silver oftens symbolizes riches, and can be glamorous and distinguished.  It is the traditional 25th wedding anniversary gift. Silver is a cooler color and offers a sleek and modern look.

MJTrends offers several products in differing shades of silver:


Sky Blue

Roughly half way between blue and cyan on the color wheel; a light shade of blue; a hue of blue resembling pastel blue.  Takes it's name from the light color of the sky on a cloudless day.

The bisexual pride flag uses a hue of sky blue.  The United Nations flag is colored in a darker version of sky blue, also known as United Nations blue.  Baby blue is a version of the color that is used in association with male sexed children.

MJTrends offers sky blue in latex sheeting and PVC (2-way stretch pu / vinyl):

Snakeskin (faux)

A material that mimics the skin of a snake, oftentimes embossed to give a more realistic look and feel.

Faux snakeskin is an economical and ethical choice to purchasing the real thing due to it's lower cost, ease of maintenance, and no involvement with actual snakes in procuring it.

Uses include fashion, purses, bags, wallets, jeans, skirts, home decorating, motorcycle seats, etc. MJTrends offers a variety of snakeskin and reptile print fabrics:

Stretch PVC (vinyl)

Vinyl (PU, polyurethane) coated fabric with polyester backing and four-way stretch (fabric stretches both left to right plus up and down).  MJTrends stretch vinyl in black has also been referred to as "liquid oil fabric" due to excellent stretch characteristics and high gloss finish.

A favorite for halloween costumes, cosplay, fetish, and tight fitting garmets.


A sample piece of fabric.  MJTrends swatches are approximately 2x2 inches in size at a low cost with cheap shipping options.  Swatches are available for all our products: