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Allowing the passage of light such that things behind it appear as if there is nothing in-between.

Using transparent fabrics in fashion and clothing can create interesting effects.  The skin is both covered yet visible.  Objects beneath the clothing can be put on display such as tattoos or piercings.

MJTrends offers semi-transparent latex sheeting in the following colors:

Please check back as we are always adding and diversying our latex sheeting and fabric selection.


A slightly greenish shade of cyan; a mix of blue and green; resembling the color of the gem turquoise. 

The color is closely associated with the Middle East and American Southwest.  The lighter shades have a uniquely feminine feel.  It can also convey a feeling of retro 50's and 60's Americana.

Mixing turquoise with yellow or orange creates a fresh and sporty look.  Pairing it with black and white adds to an art deco feel.

MJTrends offers PVC vinyl fabric in a shade of turquoise.