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Upholstery (fabric)

Fabric for covering seats, chairs, couches, bar stools, and other furniture including seating for the automotive and boat industry. 

There are three essential components to furniture: frame, spring or cushioning, and fabric.  The fabric often makes up 80% of the cost of the item. 

Marine upholstery differs from standard upholstery in that it requires one to take into account sun, water, salt, and hard use atypical of other industries. 

Commercial upholstery refers to work in business settings such as restaurants, offices, hospitals, and churches.  Pews, chiropractic tables, office seating, and restaurant booths are examples of businesses that require commercial upholsterers.

MJTrends is working to add to our line of upholstery fabrics.  Currently we recommend our patent vinyl and most of our reptile and snakeskin embosses faux vinyl for such work.