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A woven tufted fabric with a very soft feel and short dense pill.  Traditionally made from silk, in modern times it has been made from synthetic fibers including polyester, nylon, viscose, acetate, and different mixtures of fibers.

Great for use around the home as accents for pillows, drapes, and other designs.  Also can be used in fashion, especially goth DIY projects.


A sequence of still images representing motion.

MJTrends offers an ever expanding library of video tutorials on how to work with vinyl pvc fabric and latex sheeting.  Such novel and uncommon fabrics require expertise that is hard to gather on ones own. 

We have been working with these materials for over 10 years and in doing so have discovered through patience and a little bit of luck, time saving tips and tricks that will help the novice and even expert craftsman.

Whether you are making a halloween costume, dog bed, purse, or fetish outfit, be sure to check out our helpful instruction videos.



Polyester backed fabric coated with a shiny, high gloss, plastic like coating.  Available in different degrees of stretch.  Typical uses include aprons, cosplay, halloween costumes, fetish clothing, purses, bags, and more.

MJTrends offers several different types of vinyl fabric.  The matte vinyl lacks the high gloss shine of the others, similar to faux leather.  View our different types of vinyls below: