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We will show you two different ways to adhere buttons to latex. One is to sew it and then add a backing piece of latex to cover the pin holes. The other is to glue with an expoxy glue.

Sew on the button

Double over your thread and tie a knot at the end. Put the thread through the button - from the backside of the garment to the front side. The knot will catch on the backside. Continue to thread the needle through the button holes for 4 times. After threading through to the backside, run your needle underneath the threads, make a loop, and tie a knot. Clip the thread closely to the garment.

Cut a backer piece.

Use a backer piece of latex to ensure that the pin holes from the sewn button do not rip or tear. Cut a piece of latex sheeting that is large enough to cover the pin holes but small enough so that it is not larger than the button. Apply glue to the backer peice and the backside of the garment over the pin holes. Glue into place.

Buttons where there is stretch

If the placement of the button is an area that is going to be subject to stretching, glue the button instead of sewing it. If the area is high stretch, the backer peice will not be enough to prevent the latex from ripping where your pin holes are if you sew the button - that is why we recommend you use epoxy glue instead of sewing.

Use an expoxy glue specifically for rubber or plastics. Mix the epoxy and apply to the back of the button and to the latex where the button will be adhered. Epoxy glues are not elastic, so it will harden. Make sure you do not extend the glue beyond the area of the button. If you do it may look unsightly or be uncomfortable to wear.


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